Black Limestone Paving Slabs by James Chatwin Landscapes
Black Limestone paving slabs - once the darling of the industry. No one had ever seen anything like it -  a natural, quarried stone that came out of the ground a dark black colour. Incredible! It...
Black Limestone Firehearth by Alfred Poppins
07 Sep 2019
This is a questions that is difficult to answer. The very nature of a bespoke product or service is that your unique problem requires a unique solution, so very often commands a unique price. But...
stunning garden paving
04 Sep 2019

The Ultimate Guide To Stone Tiles

Posted By Kelsey Brace
Rippon Buff Sandblasted Paving
28 Aug 2019

How to Choose The Perfect Paving Slab

Posted By Kelsey Brace
Kandla Grey Sandstone Paving Slabs
21 Aug 2019
This increasingly popular choice of sandstone paving gained popularity around a decade ago. A quick look up and down your street and the chances are you will spot a handful of properties with these...
Laying Guide
07 Aug 2019
Before Starting As when undertaking any DIY or manual work, whether you are block paving or building a shelf in your living room, it is important for you to look after yourself and be safe. Part of...
Limestone paving slabs
16 Jul 2019
Types of Slate Paving Slabs (Updated for 2019) When undertaking a paving project, before you begin marking out an area or pick up a single tool, there is something to consider before that – which...

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