When it comes to home improvements in the garden, many homeowners look towards improving the garden space for guests. This could be an area for dining, entertaining and relaxing for example. One popular trend for gardens in recent years, when homeowners look at spaces for entertaining, is decking. It looks natural and hard wearing, but it does require a lot of maintenance to keep it looking its best.

However, there is a new kid on the block when it comes to decking - outdoor porcelain paving. Many homeowners are leaning towards "wood-effect" paving as a better solution - genuine wooden decking has a limited life-span, even with constant maintenance, and by going with a specially manufactured option in porcelain paving, you get all the joys of a wood-effect tile but it will truly last for a lifetime.

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Wood effect paving slabs are made from porcelain, but as the name points towards – they look like wood. They create a great alternative for homeowners that are looking to create a natural-looking and attractive outdoor space for dining, entertaining and relaxing, that will last for years to come.

Is it time to make a change to your garden?

As the spring and summer months arrive, we start to enjoy longer and lighter evenings. This leaves many of us thinking about how to make the most of the garden during these lighter evenings. If you don’t feel that your garden is the calm and tranquil place that you wish it was, and you’re certainly not proud enough of it to invite friends, then now is the time to make a change.

You can make some quick and easy changes such as giving your lawn a quick once over. You could also do some weeding, plant some seeds or flowers and repot some plants. These are all quick fixes. While they will make a difference to the look and feel of your garden, will that be enough to make you fall in love with your garden?

If you are looking to make a dramatic overhaul on your garden, why not tackle your patio or decking. The results can be incredible. So much so, that you’ll be proud to show off your garden to friends and family once more.

Traditionally, real wood is used for garden landscaping. But in recent years, the growth in landscaping options has resulted in wood effect 20mm outdoor porcelain tiles as a leading alternative. They are practical and robust, come in multiple colour options and are ultra-low maintenance. Wood effect paving will help you create that statement look that will transform your garden.

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Wood effect paving is a revolutionary outdoor flowing product. It gives your garden all the charm of real wood. However, it also has the low-maintenance properties of porcelain paving. This means that you really do get the best of both worlds.

Wood-effect porcelain is a massive time-saver on maintenance

While wood decking needs to be sanded, stained and sealed annually to keep it looking it’s best, wood effect paving just needs a quick sweep and rinse every now and again. Wood effect paving slabs require practically no maintenance at all when you compare them to the maintenance that wood decking needs.

If you have had your heart set on wooden decking for some time, you may be unsure about changing to wood effect outdoor paving slabs. After all, it's trickier to install and as a newer-to-market product, it might not be something you are familiar with. But if we can, we'd like to help you put the worries to one side. Porcelain paving is incredibly popular and our trade customers are constantly coming back for more. It's a near-perfect product from both a style and maintenance perspective, so it is well worth considering.

The benefits of wood-effect porcelain paving slabs

There are a lot of benefits to wood effect paving, when compared to real wood decking. It is made from porcelain, so has all the benefits you would expect from a porcelain tile. For example, wood effect paving slabs are water and frost-proof, meaning they won’t warp in cold or wet conditions like real wood can. 

Real wood flooring is also prone to discolour over time, but this isn’t an issue for wood effect outdoor paving slabs. They don’t need to be treated or stained and they will still maintain their colour and tone, looking as good as new for years to come. Unlike real wood decking, wood effect paving is totally fade resistant.

One of the biggest concerns for families with decking is how slippery wooden decking can become when wet. It often feels like an accident waiting to happen. However, wood effect outdoor paving slabs are manufactured to European non-slip standards. The "R-rating" system lets you know how non-slip a tile is, and all outdoor porcelain tiles, including the wood-effect tiles, offer an R-11 slip-resistance rating which means they are suitable for use even around a swimming pool - giving you the peace of mind that slips and falls are far less likely to occur.

While wood effect paving is far more durable than wooden decking, it is easier to replace a damaged wood effect slab than wooden decking. You can easily replace one wood effect paving slab and know it will match perfectly with the other paving stones. However, when you replace a strip of broken wooden decking it can be very hard to get the perfect colour match due to wear, tear and fading over time.

All of this leads to a very desirable option. Wooden decking was great for a period of time while there were no alternatives, but gone are the days when this was the only option. It's time to move on and opt for a more superior product!

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