When done correctly the colours, textures, forms and scents will flow seamlessly across the garden. Think of the old school hymn ‘An English Country Garden’; this is what you can expect from a cottage garden. It is typically British, quaint and beautiful.

How to design a Cottage Garden?

The greatest appeal of a cottage garden to many people is that there seems to be no conscious design. However, as all good gardeners know, there is always control and design in every garden – even a cottage garden.

In fact, some of the most successful cottage gardens started with a formal structure that was softens with the framework and gorgeous cottage plants.

A sure fire way to fail to achieve a beautiful cottage garden, is by believing that it can take care of itself. In fact in many cases a cottage garden can be the garden style that requires the highest maintenance. That said, it will also be the most worthwhile garden for many homeowners.

What do I need to create a Cottage Garden?

Garden Plants

The reason the cottage garden needs so much maintenance is because of the plants. As you can see in all the images, each one has a huge collection of beautiful plants which are all drowned out by perfect colour palettes.

Some flowers will be like the playground bully, pushing for more space and pushing others out of the way. You may have self-sowers in your garden and these can quickly get out of hand if they are not looking after carefully. Your perennials plants and flowers will also need dividing on a periodic basis or they can die out.

Cottage Garden Flowers

When you picture a typical beautiful country garden you imagine all of the beautiful plants and cottage garden flowers. However, it is important to note that these plants and flowers will need deadheading and this can become extremely time-consuming.

That said the appeal of a cottage garden is still so apparent. The exuberance of the flowers and fragrances that welcome you as you walk down your cobbled path through the garden is just delightful. This is another component of a traditional cottage garden.

Cobbled Paths

Paths are so important for your cottage garden to look authentic. They are a great idea to make sure you and your guests can view the whole garden in all its glory. The paths will also help you get around your garden to tend, weed, deadhead and control it, even when the sun isn’t shining as brightly as the cottage gardens in the picture books.

Choosing the right cobblestone is also vital. You want a natural stone, perhaps in colour that will blend in with the landscape. Make you cobblestone path stand out and you are risking your cottage garden design steer towards a classic manicured garden. 

Check a great range of cobblestone types and styles here.

Benches & Seated Areas

When choosing that perfect bench for a cottage garden, think solid wood seats made from teak or British oak. Fancy latticework bench back support is allowed, but simple wood will be even better.

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