Council paving slabs are heavy-duty, often concrete cast, paving slabs. They are commonly referred to as "council paving slabs" as you are most likely to see them on publicly owned roads and pathways. These slabs are often chosen when the project needs a paving stone that is able to handle heavy footfall. Some projects, especially public works, have additional accessibility requirements, and council paving slabs are smooth but grippy enough to provide a safe and accessible walkway for the visually or physically impaired that use public walkways.

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What Exactly Are Council Paving Slabs?

You will find that council paving slabs are thick cement paving slabs. While they can be used by anyone, they are commonly used by the council as they offer high durability for heavy traffic areas. They are also popular for councils due to their affordable pricing and the fact that they are available in bulk.

Traditional council paving is solid concrete paving slabs. It gives the council a low-cost, long lasting paving surface that is suitable for high traffic areas throughout the year.

Council Slabs

Should You Use Council Paving Slabs?

Due the name containing the word "council", people are often under the impression that these are exclusively to be used for civil purposes. But this is not true at all - you can use council paving slabs as you see fit. They are often available to purchase from merchants and widely available across the UK. 

However, the reason why these are much less common on a residential project is quite simple: they are very boring! It sounds harsh, but they are dye-less cast concrete slabs with no variation. Not something particularly attractive for a well designed outdoor space. 

If they were cheap to buy, it may be understandable and appropriate for some projects. But checking it at around £25 per m2, they are no cheaper than some colourful sandstone alternatives. They are just simply not that common for residential use.

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What Are The Best Alternatives To Council Paving Slabs?

Instead of bland council paving, we would recommend a natural stone paving slab alternative. Even if you like the effect of an all-grey patio, a natural sandstone or limestone has a massive edge in appearance without sacrificing on substance.

Here at Primethorpe Paving, we have a wide range of council paving alternatives. If you are looking to freshen up your local area, then we have the paving stones for you. We are proud to stock an extensive range of high-quality paving stones. If it's a grey outdoor tile that you want, then why not go for a Kandla Grey paving slab:

Kandla Grey sandstone pavingKandla Grey Paving Slabs

Even just a simple change to natural stone rather than the flat concrete alternative, the area is just brought to life with a decorative blend of greys across the surface. At almost identical costs, it's a no brainer.

If Kandla Grey is not doing it for you, or you like a smoother finish, then there is one more alternative. Make the change to limestone instead with our Kota Blue Limestone for a smooth, regular finish:

Kota Blue Limestone Paving Kota Blue Limestone Paving Slabs 

Limestone is a smooth natural stone so gives the desired smooth effect of a council slab, but has a more subtle blue hue that brings a space to life more than a drab chunk of concrete ever could.

Still unsure?

Why not call our experienced paving specialists now with your council paving needs? They will take the time to understand the project and the budget, before recommending the perfect council paving alternative to meet your requirements.