Compliment natural stone patios with attractive and long lasting raised beds made from sustainable, FSC certified Scots pine. Paved areas can be totally transformed with the addition of plants and edibles and thanks to some clever design, planting, seating, steps and more can be combined to create a naturally beautiful space.

DIY raised beds are often associated with long lengths of timber, measuring and a lot of sawing and drilling, thankfully WoodBlocX has completely simplified the process to make building them and other garden structures, using its modular system, super simple.

Each WoodBlocX kit includes wooden blocks of varying sizes, pre-drilled with holes, to add a series of strong dowels. Simply build the structure up layer-by-layer by referring to the step-by-step instructions for where the dowels need to be placed.

No heavy lifting or sharp tools are required to assemble the raised beds and planters, plus everything is cut to size so there is no sawing or waste. The components are lightweight making them easy to move them from one side of the garden to other.

Quick patio updates


Get creative with the space you have available and think about ways you can incorporate different elements into the space. This bench has been incorporated into a raised bed providing a space to grow plants and herbs and place to sit and relax. This design could also be adapted to include a small pond, or if your plot is on a hill switch the bench for terracing or steps, WoodBlocX offers a free design service to ensure customer get exactly what they need for their space. The wooden seat base has been switched to natural stone to tie the patio and seating together perfectly.



Our modular system can help you to make the most of corners, choose from standard single-height raised beds or add some tiers and cascading plants to really add some interest to your garden. Corner or L-shaped raised beds take up less space too. WoodBlocX can be built directly on to paving stones, however textured finishes will be slightly uneven so consider a crushed stone border like this one.


Tall planters

Tall WoodBlocX raised beds create the illusion of space, due to their height they free up floor space. Plus if you keep with width to a minimum, like the example above, you can still add colour and interest to small space, plus planting, weeding and watering is super simple thanks to the accessible height. WoodBlocX structures can be painted too if your patio is in need of a splash of colour.

Multi-level planters

By adding different levels to your raised bed you are also adding different sections. Use on a flat patio to add interest or build alongside a section of natural stone steps, WoodBlocX can create bespoke multi-level raised bed designs that fit the space perfectly so stepped and terraced gardens can be landscaped beautifully.



Top considerations before making additions your patio areas

  • Note down the areas that get sunlight at certain times of the day, this is important if you want to include a seating area of if you plan on growing certain types of sun nor shade loving plants or you plan to grow edibles
  • Are you overlooked by other properties and do you have any views you would like to maximise?
  • Think about what you would like to grow and how much you are able to realistically manage
  • What elements you would like to include; seating, walls, beds and borders, water features, etc
  • Do you want to encourage wildlife into the patio?
  • What style do you want to achieve? Modern, rustic etc

WoodBlocX structures do not require any annual maintenance, will not crack or wrap and will last at least 15 years if installed using guidelines provided.