Today, myself and Ryan have been down at Futurescape. 100’s of exhibitors, 1000’s of visitors and all focused around the landscape gardening industry. It’s been great to see just how many people are here and excited about their industry. We knew it was an industry full of passionate people, but the scale of it was obvious today.

The Superb Products at Futurescape

We’ve spoken to dozens of people about products we’d never seen before. We’ve learnt an awful lot and have come across some absolutely fantastic products that we are excited to share with everyone.

We’ve seen products that make garden design easier, products that make installations simple, as well as products that make cleaning and maintenance a doddle. We feel we’ve come across a couple of fantastic products that we are very excited to look into in greater detail when we get back to the office. 

Fantastic Seminars From The Futurescape Faithful 

Additionally, we’ve been in the room for some great seminars from professionals that are at the very top of their game. We’ve learnt a lot that we want to share - but we’ll break it down into digestible chunks and provide you updates over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully you’ll learn a lot, just like we did!

We’ll be keeping everyone in the loop when we’ve had a deeper dive into the things we’ve seen and we’re excited to let you know what we’ve found. Each week we will round off some of the things we’ve learned, such as:

  • What landscaping and garden design professionals are demanding from their suppliers and how we are going to help.
  • How is porcelain paving changing the game for everyone.

Key Insights From The Convention: Sustainability & The Environment

Overall the day was full of insight. People across the industry are willing and able to share  key information which got them started, or got them to the top. But a running theme of day throughout the seminars and exhibits was sustainability.

From garden designers, to suppliers, to contractors, everyone was concerned about how sustainable and environmentally friendly our industry is. The industry is very green in colour, but is it green it practice? Whether that is the use of a huge amount of black plastic pots, plants imported from the continent rather than what is grown on home solid or the excess amount of packaging on many materials - the word sustainability always seemed to be on the tip of everyone's tongue. It shows the industry is aware of the problem, willing to work to solve it, but also that we are a long way off being as sustainable as our ‘green’ industry could be.

We will be keeping a keen eye on everyone's attitudes towards this topic as we go forward. As an industry we are very capable of leading the charge from the front. Whether that is constructing more wildlife friendly gardens, protecting bees or simply sourcing your materials more locally, it's going to be interesting watch to see how the industry changes over the next 5 years.


Conclusion: Futurescape Is a Must Visit in 2020

Thanks Futurescape for a great day full of tons of information and well done to all who exhibited and spoke at seminars. We learned a lot! We will most certainly be back again, we may need to refill our pencil cases with some more freebies this time next year!