Modak sandstone is one of the original types of Indian sandstone ever imported. It was imported to offer a stunning combination of warm pink and orange tones at an affordable price point. The splash of colour available from these sandstone paving slabs brightens up any garden the whole year round.

The reason so many homeowners have opted for Modak sandstone is because it is well suited for both traditional and contemporary garden designs. It has all the perks of a natural stone: low maintenance, weather-proof and highly decorative.

Modak-Sandstone-Paving-by-C.W-Shewell-Cooper-3Modak Indian Sandstone from the early 2010s

You can see the bright colours that made it so popular. The swirls of reds, pinks and oranges have a massive effect on any space they are used. Painting the area with a beautiful colour palette and blend that would be tough the match using anything other than natural Modak sandstone.


Even from this older picture above, you can see how much beauty the coloured patio adds to the area. It makes the area feel natural without being overbearing.

Problem 1: Modak Sandstone Has Faded To Irrelevance

It would be easy to assume this is a great option, so you might be surprised to learn that we no longer stock Modak sandstone at Primethorpe. What was once very popular, has dwindled in availability over the last 5 years for a number of reasons. It is one of the oldest sandstones on the market, but recently we have experience a number of problems with it.

Over the years the quality of this sandstone paving option has deteriorated, much like Rainbow Indian Sandstone. But one of the biggest problems of Modak sandstone is that it used to be colourful and full of character (above), but it has since become a very dull and dreary paving stone that doesn't really differentiate itself from any others.


You can see above, that there is much less differentiation in colour in the picture above, than there is in the prior two images. Even this picture was from around 4-5 years ago - we hoped the stone would return to it's former glory, but the situation only got more pale and boring!

Problem 2: Modak Has Become Very Fragile

A softer Indian Sandstone is often one that looks more natural. If the grains of silicon that make up the paver are less tightly packed, you get a more natural surface. This obviously comes with pros and cons: 

Pros - Authentic, natural looking sandstone

Cons - Soft and liable to stains and damage

We found Modak sandstone became softer and softer with every batch we imported to the point where you often ended up with the following:

Modak Crazy Paving (4)-min

Obviously, this is an extreme example! But the point stands that there is diminishing returns when going for softer and more natural sandstone and Modak reached that point. It became so soft and fragile that almost every batch contained damages, pumping the price up to a point where it was no longer the affordable, yet decorative option that made it so popular.

Reason 3: There are suitable, reliable alternatives

In general, Modak isn't missed. There are many suitable alternatives that do a very similar job and fill the gap in the market that Modak leaves. Sandstone paving slabs such as Rippon Buff, Camel Dust or Raj Green paving stones all offer the natural variations in colour and pattern. While they are not quite as impactful as the original Modak Sandstone, they are still very beautiful. This is what makes natural stone paving so special. No two paving stones will ever look exactly the same.

If you have always loved the look, style, quality and finish of Modak sandstone paving slabs then we would highly recommend Raj Green, Rippon Buff or Camel Dust paving stones as very good alternatives.

Rippon Buff Sandstone PavingRippon Buff Indian sandstone is a great alternative to old Modak Sandstone

Contact our paving specialists now to find out which paving options will best suit your garden style and personal tastes.

There are problems with Modak Sandstone, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get the same desired effect with other paving options.