Raj Green sandstone paving
20 Oct 2020
In this guide we tell you everything you need to know about Yorkstone Paving. We talk about what it is, the benefits of using it, the different applications and how you can achieve a yorkstone effect...
weed free garden
Weeds are a persistent part of nature that are the bane of so many keen gardeners’ lives. Popping up where you do not want them, getting in the way or siphoning nutrients away from the plants you...
26 Mar 2020

Paving Designs for Your Small Garden

Posted By Kelsey Brace
Introduction - Getting the most out of your small space Just because you have a small garden, doesn’t mean you can’t create a fantastic area for your home. A patio area is perfectly suited to a small...
Supplier Seminars 21 - Futurescape
2019 was our first ever attendance at Futurescape as a company! It’s fast becoming one of the hottest events of the landscaping calendar and we wanted to attend and begin familiarising ourselves with...
13 Lawrence Rd1
26 Nov 2019
This week's featured landscapers are Mick and Ben from M & B Landscaping with their Rippon Buff Sandstone project in Peterborough.
Garden Shed
20 Nov 2019
These days, treating your garden space as an extra room is increasingly popular - and why not?! The space is right there waiting to be used and it's nice to see so many people taking advantage of it....
Futurescape 2-1
19 Nov 2019

Today At Futurescape - November 2019

Posted By Kelsey Brace
Today, myself and Ryan have been down at Futurescape. 100’s of exhibitors, 1000’s of visitors and all focused around the landscape gardening industry. It’s been great to see just how many people are...
17 Hawyaine13
So, you've decided you want to install a new patio in your garden - a great choice!. Patios are a perfect space for entertaining or relaxing, and it also reduces the amount of more laborious...
Iron Pyrite-1
So you've just received a delivery of some black limestone - whether that is a bunch of paving slabs, or a fireplace hearth - and upon inspection you spot a sparkle and see there are pieces of gold...
28 2 Dovecote Way
18 Oct 2019
One of the most common questions we get asked is “How do I clean my patio?”. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single process for every stone type. Each natural stone differs due to its unique chemical...

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