Black Limestone Firehearth by Matthew Bembridge 2
12 Dec 2019
Installing a hearth can often seem like a more complicated job in principle than it actually is in reality. Often the trickiest part is simply dealing with the weight of the piece! These days, the...
JointIT Compound 2
27 Nov 2019

How to Grout & Point Paving Slabs

Posted By Kelsey Brace
How to grout and point paving slabs is one of the most heavily discussed topics in the entire landscaping and paving industry. We are part of a few different communities – both online and offline –...
Garden Shed
20 Nov 2019
These days, treating your garden space as an extra room is increasingly popular - and why not?! The space is right there waiting to be used and it's nice to see so many people taking advantage of it....
Futurescape 2-1
19 Nov 2019

Today At Futurescape - November 2019

Posted By Kelsey Brace
Today, myself and Ryan have been down at Futurescape. 100’s of exhibitors, 1000’s of visitors and all focused around the landscape gardening industry. It’s been great to see just how many people are...
17 Hawyaine13
So, you've decided you want to install a new patio in your garden - a great choice!. Patios are a perfect space for entertaining or relaxing, and it also reduces the amount of more laborious...
JointIT Compound
08 Oct 2019
How To Lay Paving Slabs On Sand - Simple: You Don't! There are many guides on how to lay a patio that can be found online, but this article is going to talk specially about what to use as the...
Kandla Grey HD Crate (2)
26 Sep 2019
You've decided to install a patio - a great choice! But it's important to know exactly how many slabs you need to purchase. You don't want to purchase too many, or not enough. So exactly how many...
1 Wheatsheaf Way_0023
18 Sep 2019
How Much Does A New Patio Cost? It's well documented that the cost of a patio can vary dramatically based a whole host of factors. So much so that it is next to impossible to guess how much a full...

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