Black Limestone Firehearth by Matthew Bembridge 2
12 Dec 2019
Installing a hearth can often seem like a more complicated job in principle than it actually is in reality. Often the trickiest part is simply dealing with the weight of the piece! These days, the...
Black Limestone Firehearth by Adrian Orosz 2
11 Nov 2019

Bespoke Fireplace Hearth - Gallery

Posted By Kelsey Brace
Black Limestone Fireplace Hearth 1) This fireplace was designed and constructed by one of our customers in summer 2019. This used Black Limestone which Primethorpe cut on site and then delivered to...
Black Limestone Firehearth eBay (11)-2
Once you've decided on the material you want your hearth to be made from, you need to measure up your hearth so we know what dimensions to cut your hearth to. 
Sealed Granite Hearth
A sealing service is the perfect way to finish a bespoke hearth. A dry application of a solvent based, colour enhancing sealant brings the finished piece to life, removes any buffing or scuff marks,...
Black Limestone Firehearth eBay (11)
10 Oct 2019
There are a number of options when it comes to the shape of your bespoke fireplace hearth, but this is completely dictated by the situation, size and space you are installing your burner. The hearth...
Black Limestone Firehearth by Adrian Orosz 2
Slate, Granite, Limestone or Sandstone Fireplace Hearth Stone - What is the difference? With the increasing popularity of log burners as an addition to peoples home heating systems, there an...
3 Side Bullnosed Edges (2)
Black Limestone with a chamfer on all visible edges   Bespoke Fireplace Hearth - Custom Edge Finishes Getting a bespoke finished fireplace hearth stone is a perfect solution for many. They arrive...
Black Limestone Firehearth eBay (11)
07 Sep 2019
This is a questions that is difficult to answer. The very nature of a bespoke product or service is that your unique problem requires a unique solution, so very often commands a unique price. But...

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