Rippon Buff Sandstone Udderly Green (2)
Sandblasted Rippon Buff Sandstone by Udderly Green

Sandstone paving slabs with a 'sandblasted' finishes are a premium range of sandstone, popular with those looking to create a contemporary space, without wishing to lose the effect of a natural stone patio. Sandblasted sandstone is a perfect blend between a modern look with a natural finish, but exactly is sandblasting?

What Is Sandblasting?

It is the art of projecting sand with high-pressured blasts of air to the surface of stone to clean, shape and smooth. 

It is normally only carried out on sandstone due to it's sedimentary properties. If you want a complete guide on what sandstone is and why it has become so popular, read on here.

How Is Sandblasting Performed?

Sandblasting or abrasive blasting is achieved when sand and air are mixed in a chamber. The mixture is then directed with a hand-held nozzle at high speed toward the surface, smoothing down the rough surface of the slabs.

What Are the Characteristics of Sandblasted Sandstone Paving?

Sandblasted paving is easily recognised with its very finely textured surface and finished with sawn edges.  This gives the stone that would usually have a natural, riven surface a modern and premium appearance but still keeping some of the contemporary character.  The technique can reduce blemishes and unwanted natural variations within the stone.

The process softens the natural colours of the stone giving a lighter and more subtle palette.

Raj Green Sandblasted Sandstone:

Raj Green Sandblasted By Nick Avery 2

Rippon Buff Sandblasted Sandstone:

Rippon Buff Sandstone Udderly Green (5)

What Are the Benefits of Sandblasted Sandstone?

A sandblasted finish is an eccentric choice and offers a very unique set of benefits:

  • Texture – The process creatures a texture not likened by any other natural sandstone. The fine grooves created by the silica blast gives excellent grip to the surface making it perfect for areas around swimming pools and hot tubs that may become wet.  Also, this is ideal for any high foot traffic as it creates a safe and level surface to walk on.
  • Colouring – The softer colouring is ideal for creating a calm and relaxing garden environment.
  • Work-ability – Sandstone is one of the easiest natural stones to work with. It is strong enough for any paving situation, but it is easier to cut and shape than others, such as granite.

What Are the Cons of Sandblasted Sandstone?

  • Cleaning – The textured surface can require a little more attention when cleaning due to the granular finish. Due to this, we would highly recommend sealing your paving to protect it from the elements and any spills that may occur.  Sealing creates a protective barrier against staying and slows down the ageing process.  A colour enhancing sealer can be used to bring the natural colours of these pavers.
  • Price – Sandblasted paving carries an increased cost compared to regular sandstone or limestone due to the additional processes and labour the paving goes through to give it it’s particular look. They are not the cheapest paving slabs, but the look is worth it if you have the budget.

Sandblasted Paving: A Fantastic Luxury Option

Whilst it is a pricey product, sandblasted sandstone offers something that other slabs don't.

Sandblasted paving slabs offer a calm colour palette without sacrificing on the quality of natural stone. If you have the budget and are looking to create a relaxing space with a wonderfully gentle colour palette, then sandblasted sandstone may be the option for you.