It's nice to take inspiration from what's around you. There are millions of gardens around the world, so why not use some of them as inspiration for your own outdoor space? Each week we are going to feature some of our favourite gardens in the hope that it inspires you to create something similar of your own.

You don't have to copy them exactly of course, everyone's tastes are different! But we are going to highlight what has been used and how to the look has been created, as well as where you can find the materials and features to match the look. Lets get those creative juices flowing.

This week we've stumbled across a simple patio and a unique method for creating a cost-effective lighting rig as wells as some DIY planters. The space is super simple, so it's easy to achieve. But it's bright, comfortable looking and will be super easy to add your own style to it:

DIY Planter with Pole for String Lights - At Charlottes House

DIY Planter With Pole For String Lights

There is a fantastic article from "At Charlotte's House" on how to recreate these Planters. It's a simple job, but it may take you an afternoon to get through it, but the look is well worth it:

If you prefer written instructions, you can look at the article here.


Patio Slabs - Mixed Size Sandstone

The first thing to replicate is the choice of patio slab. These are simple Indian sandstone paving slabs laid in a 'stretcher course' pattern. 

Any Indian sandstone will do, but if you want to match the look as closely as possible, then a Raj Green Sandstone will do very nicely. Raj Green is a traditional sandstone and will create you a fantastic patio without breaking the bank.43 Greenacres1-min

In this example, the slabs have been laid in a stretcher course patter, which means they are laid in long, straight lines running from one edge of the patio to the other. This is a great option, but a mixed pattern would work just as well.

Remember, with patio slabs you will always need to joint them to stop them moving. A jointing compound such as Joint-It will absolutely do the trick:

Joint-It Simple


String Line Lights

It would be pretty pointless to build planters for string line lights and forget to get the lights, right? Luckily these are quite easy to find and are relatively inexpensive.

String Lights

Our favourites come from Lighting Direct and you can find them here.


Patio Furniture - Wooden Patio Furniture To Keep It Natural

This look is completed with a wooden patio set to compliment the natural, DIY Wooden planters.

It was smart to go down this route as the most common choice is a rattan furniture set. However, rattan is dark and more suited to a modern design, and by opting for wood, you're making sure you are in keeping with the rest of the garden.

Wooden Patio Furniture

Our favourite 6 piece set we could find was the Festnight Wooden Garden Furniture Set. Because the planters are painted white, it could make sense to go for a white wood patio set, but it may wash your entire area out with white wood, making it feel a little unnatural. 


Patio Extras - The Finishing Touches

There are a few extras that add beautiful finishing touches to the space. The decorations provide an extra seat, sun protection and make the space feel comfortable all round, but where can you get your hands on them?

Parasol: Scelto 2.7M Garden Parasol

Copper Fire Pit: Just poking our from behind the table is a copper-effect fire pit. Amazons favourite is the Trinidad 30" Round Copper Effect fire pit.

Cube Cushion Seats: Any cubed, outdoor beanbag will do nicely, but our favourite is an Izabela Peters one found here


In Conclusion 

We hope you've found a little inspiration! It can come in all forms and a little Pinterest pin showing a well done small patio area can be just what you need to get you excited about redoing your garden.

We've tried to include as many of the products on the picture as possible, so if you absolutely love the look of anything in the picture you can get your hands directly on it by using any of the links!