Whether you’re planning an aesthetically pleasing, a pretty but practical garden path or a durable driveway, we have the ideas and inspiration for your patio, path and driveway that you need. From natural stone to concrete slabs, decorative paving circles and block paving, we have loads of ideas and inspiration for your patio, path and driveway. These ideas and our high-quality products will help you create the perfect outside area that is perfect for your home.

Alfresco Landscaping - Raj Green

Natural Stone Paving

Our natural stone paving is made up of ethically sourced sandstone, limestone, granite and slate. Whereas concrete paving slabs offer continuity and sameness, natural stone does not. The veining, colours, textures and patterns of natural stone have been created over hundreds of years. When you opt for natural stone paving, you add charm, natural beauty and elegant sophistication to your outdoor area. With so many colours, shades and sizes available, you’re bound to find the perfect outdoor paved solution for your tastes and budget.

Natural stone is typically a traditional feeling product, but with specialist natural stone such as slate or granite, you can even find modern or contemporary paving slabs at a natural stone budget. Either way, there are so many decorative paving slabs for you to choose from.

LA Landscaping - Brazilian Slate

Paving Circles

Want to bring the ‘wow’ factor to your garden or outdoor area, then why not consider decorative paving circles? These can be made from pavement edging and kerb stones to create something truly unique for your home. Just Google decorative paving circles for all the paving inspiration and ideas you’ll ever need. Our high-quality paving products offer wonderful unique paving features that add a truly stunning touch to your outdoor area, while adding some real herb appeal to your home.

Fossil Mint - Primethorpe (11)

Cobbled Pathways

Decorative pathways fan be functional as well as attractive. Have you considered splitting your front or back garden up with a nicely cobbled pathway? The project is simple, but the results can be significant. Cobbles are one of the most varied and versatile stone products available and can be used for all sorts of things. They are available in a multitude of colours: very varied, mixed colours for an authentic natural space; or a single coloured cobble to provide a consistent pathway. You're sure to find something you love.

Yellow Limestone Cobbles - Primethorpe (1)

Decorative Walling

Walling stone as another product that can be used to great effect. It's trickier to use without experience building walls, so potentially may be worth avoiding unless a professional is doing the work for you, but in general, a natural stone wall can be an incredible feature to set your garden apart. It's available in a range of colours from the traditional Cotswold style stone, to the new-age black limestone walling stone, so there will be something to suit your style.


Wall Cladding

If you wanted to go for something different that a natural stone-face wall, you can "clad" a wall with natural stone wall cladding. This gives a mosaic type effect which as all the rage at the moment. They are simple to install and really help you wall to stand out, just like the below:

Grey Slate Cladding by Grounded Landscapes (3) SQ

Garden Steps

Steps are a good way to introduce different levels into your space while keeping all areas of the garden accessible. They take a bit of planning and prep to get right, but when executed well (as explained here), they can transform a space. We've got steps available in a multitude of colours, including steps with a bullnosed edge.

Wall Coppings (5)

Wood Effect Porcelain

If you think back to the mid 2000's and beyond, decking became the next big thing in garden makeovers. Everyone wanted a deck to lounge on during summer afternoons. But skip ahead to the 2020's, and those original decks are long gone: either out of fashion and replaced, or fallen completely into disrepair. Up has stepped outdoor porcelain - a low-maintenance, long-lasting option. You can now even get these in a wood effect pattern to completely replace decking as on option. As you can see below, the effect of decking is there, but it will still be the same in years to come. Game-changer!

Marrone Wood Plank

If you need more paving inspiration for your outdoor patio area, garden, path or driveway; call our team now or check out our paving products online.