Limestone Paving
19 Feb 2020

How to Clean Limestone Paving

Posted By Kelsey Brace
Limestone paving can make a nice adornment to any exterior garden space, regardless of whether you’re trying to create a comfortable home or prepare the property for resale.
20 Jan 2020

How to Lay Porcelain Paving

Posted By Kelsey Brace
When it comes to installing porcelain paving slabs, you might think on first viewing that the job is going to be as straightforward as laying any other type of paving slab or tile. If that’s what you...
1 Wheatsheaf Way_0006
Happy New Year & happy New Decade! The 2010's saw the transformation of Primethorpe into what you all know today & we've had a whirlwind of a decade - but lets focus on the last year and talk about...
Black Limestone Firehearth by Matthew Bembridge 2
12 Dec 2019
Installing a hearth can often seem like a more complicated job in principle than it actually is in reality. Often the trickiest part is simply dealing with the weight of the piece! These days, the...
Seed Pantry Grow Club
03 Dec 2019
What a horrible month November was! I don’t know about you, but where we were the weather was consistently horrible. Weeks upon weeks of rain makes it difficult to work outdoors. A lot of our...
Supplier Seminars 21 - Futurescape
2019 was our first ever attendance at Futurescape as a company! It’s fast becoming one of the hottest events of the landscaping calendar and we wanted to attend and begin familiarising ourselves with...
DIY Planter with Pole for String Lights - At Charlottes House
It's nice to take inspiration from what's around you. There are millions of gardens around the world, so why not use some of them as inspiration for your own outdoor space? Each week we are going to...
JointIT Compound 2
27 Nov 2019
How to grout and point paving slabs is one of the most heavily discussed topics in the entire landscaping and paving industry. We are part of a few different communities – both online and offline –...
13 Lawrence Rd1
26 Nov 2019
This week's featured landscapers are Mick and Ben from M & B Landscaping with their Rippon Buff Sandstone project in Peterborough.

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