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What type of Garden Compost Bin for 2019/2020?

Now is the perfect time of year to start your composting if you haven't already. With plenty of leaves on the ground, raking these up and turning them into compost is a great way to have a usable compost for when you are starting to plant in the new year. There are wooden compost bins, small compost bins and advanced compost tumblers. But with so many options available, what is the right solution for you?

Rowlinson Allotment Wooden Compost Bin - The Most Simple Solution

There's something to be said for simplicity - and this bin arrives ready to use after a simple assembly. The kit arrives and slots together simply and will be ready use almost immediately after it arrives.

Compost Bin - Simple

The Rowlinson wooden compost bin is a simple and cost-effective choice for your first compost bin to start engaging with this good garden practice. Get yours here.

"These compost bins are so cheap but just perfect. Bought two and looks like they will last for years - great items." - Richard Knight



Slot & Slide Compost Bin - The Most Customizable Solution

This is a fantastic option for new and experience composters alike - the mechanics of it are "slot & slide" so it is incredbily simple to add more bins into the single system as you see fit.

You can start with a single bin at 564L in size, and add/slot extra bins on as needed - or dive right in for a 3-bin system.

Compost Bin - Customizable

This bin does require a substantial amount of construction before it is ready, but having a extra pair of hands and an electric screwdriver ready to go means you should be able to construct this in an afternoon. But simple it is not! Get yours here.

"I agree with other reviewers that there is a lot of drilling and screwing. However, with two of us doing it, the work didn't take that long. We bought two extender bins to add to the two already in the garden. These have been in use for over ten years and show no sign of rotting away, so the time spent assembling is well rewarded." - Maureen Pickford


Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler (220L) - A Low Maintenance Solution

This unique solution is for those who want their compost a little quicker. The bin rotates providing extra aeration to your compost which means you can have compost ready in as little as 4 week. 

Every 2 days, give your bin a little tumble to get the extra air into the system, which ultimately speeds up the process.  A winner! You won't need to fork anything, just a tumble of the bin and your compost will be ready in quick time.

Compost Bin - Tumbler

Whilst this bin has a smaller capacity than some, if you are in a small property without a huge amount of garden waste or simply don't fancy using any complicated layer techniques or forking your compost bin regularly, then this could be the option for you! Get yours here.

"I found this to be well made and easy to assemble. I have no reason to think it will not do as said on the box. It is off the ground which keeps vermin away, my main reason for purchase. Gives a good workout when turning it, but not impossible at 70 yrs old! Worth every penny as far as I'm concerned." - Anonymous



HotBin Mini Composter (100L) - The Solution for the Best Compost

The Winner of RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the Year means the HotBin is this years must have product. If the quality of your compost is the most important thing to you, then this composting bin should be top of your list.

It is highly insulated and runs at a temperature of 40°C-60°C all year round giving bacteria the perfect environment to thrive and break down your compost. It's easy to see why the HotBin is so highly regarded.

Compost Bin - HotBin

This is a smaller option that all of the others, so it's only really an option for a 1-2 person household without a lot of garden waste. But if this fits you and your lifestyle, the quality of the HotBin's compost is unmatched. Click here to get it.

Larger Household? there is a 200L HotBin Available Too!

"All my Household waste food, garden waste, lawn cuttings, hedge cuttings from my large organic garden are composted. My Hot Bins are sited only 16m from my front door yet there is no smell or no vermin. I am now producing the best compost,in the shortest time ever and I am therefore delighted in that I have now taken delivery of my 4th Hot bin." - Ogilvie


328L Beehive Composter - The Stylish Option

No longer do you need to hide your compost bin away in some nook or cranny away from anyone's sight. Compost bins are often unsightly, (which is understandable!) but the Beehive composter solves this problem while still providing and efficient composting solution.

The hinged lid also ensures the compost is insulated and protected from the rain.

Compost Bin - Beehive

There is a little bit of assembly required as with most compost bins, but not as much as some require. This is a great, stylish option that means you simply won't need to hide your bin away anymore and it can have pride of place as a garden feature. However, there are no bells & whistles on this, it is a good look compost bin, but the 'tech' stops there! Get Your Beehive Here.

"Arrived in good time, assembly straightforward, and looks much better than the alternative plastic jobs. I have partly lined it with bubble wrap as it is getting cold outside!" - Anonymous

In Conclusion - Know What Is Right For You!

A new compost bin is a fantastic way to get your gardening journey started, or a must-have essential for those who live for their gardening. It encourages sustainable behaviours whilst giving the benefits of improved soil and plant growth.

We would recommend this practice to anyone who hasn't yet started but wants to work towards a flourishing garden. Composting is great!

Knowing what bin to go for is tricky - if you are just starting out we highly recommend just going for the simple solution until you get a feel for it, and from there you will begin to know what is important to you. Is it the east of creating compost? Is it the quality? Does it need to be in keeping with your garden style? All the answer will become clear as you begin your composting experience, so why not jump in. It's always the perfect time to start.

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