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Gardening with young children can really help their development. It gives your child skills and knowledge for the great outdoors and is brilliant bonding time for parent and child alike.

In this blog post we look at different ways you can create gardens for your children, in your own back garden:

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A Plot For Your Child

Give your child part of the garden and ask them what they would like to plant in the garden. If your children are younger you may want to give them a selection of things to choose from. These should include things that will grow or flower quickly so they can see the results of their gardening sooner, rather than later.

It’s a really good idea to plant fruit and vegetables with your child. This way they can see the food grow from a small seed and go right through the process to being food on their plate a few months down the line. Make sure the children’s area of the garden has plenty of natural light so the planted items don’t struggle to grow and your child doesn’t get disheartened.

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Avoid Ponds near Small Children

While water features and ponds are a lovely feature in any garden, they are a huge risk to children. It is possible to drown in even a few inches of water meaning that even the smallest water feature could still have huge risks for your child. The garden is a great place to play games, but a toy will often fall in the water and your child will try and get it out – and this is where the danger could lie.

If you already have a pond or water feature in your garden we would highly recommend you look at ways to make it safe. This could be with the use of small fencing for example. Alternatively you can purchase safety grids that go over the top of the pond to stop the child from falling in.

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Have an Adult Area

We are not suggesting you give your whole garden over to your children. It is important that a garden is used and enjoyed by the whole family. Create an area or zone within your garden where you can chill out and relax as a parent.

The adult area should be a space in the garden where the whole garden can be seen, so you can keep a close eye on your children while they are playing. It should also have some comfy outdoor furniture so you can relax in comfort. A patio area is ideal for an adult part of the garden as this looks great, can be used all year round and is strong enough to support garden furniture.

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Check for Dangerous Plants

When checking out the plants and flowers for your garden, make sure they are safe plants and flowers. There are some plants that can potentially toxic to your children, but also plants that can be toxic to your child’s pets, such as dogs, cats and rabbits.

More often than not, it is not about removing dangerous plants, instead it is about educating your child not to go near that plant. However we would recommend that you do your research if you are buying new plants for the garden. Be aware of thorny and spiky plants like rosebushes too.

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Family Gardens - A Huge Addition For The Family

A garden can become the perfect extra room for your house. It's important to plan properly to ensure you are truely happy with the result at the end of your renovation.

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