You've decided to install a patio - a great choice! A good patio is a focal point of any good garden. It's both an entertaining space, as well as a colourful, decorative feature piece.

But it's important to know exactly how many slabs you need to purchase. You don't want to purchase too many, or not enough. So exactly how many paving slabs do you need? We've built a paving slabs calculator tool that's going to help make that decision easier. Keep reading to see how it works:

If you are still undecided regarding the kind of slab you want, read our Ultimate Guide To Stone Tiles which is full of handy tips

We've built a handy calculator that lets you know just how many slabs of each size you will need to cover the area you need to.

How To Use The Paving Slabs Calculator

  1. Measure the length and width of your patio
  2. Plug the numbers in!

That's it. The calculator will then let you know just how many slabs would be needed depending on the size of slab you want.

If you are going for the mixed size patio packs, the calculator will display the total square meterage required and the subsequent number of each size slab required. The slabs in a patio pack are the following sizes:

  • 90cm x 60cm
  • 60cm x 60cm
  • 60cm x 29cm
  • 29cm x 29cm

The patio packs come in an even mix of each size, so the calculator tells you how many of each size slab you will need to cover your entire area. If you wish to know all the costs involved, read our comprehensive patio costs guide.

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Simply type your measurements below and find out how many slabs you need for your project: