Happy New Year & happy New Decade! The 2010's saw the transformation of Primethorpe into what you all know today & we've had a whirlwind of a decade - but lets focus on the last year and talk about the changes that we are seeing within the industry and what we think everyone needs to be aware of.

Wild, wild weather

The standout feature of 2019 for many in the industry was the weather we experienced. The weather has a huge effect on the industry - if it's too cold or too wet, it's very difficult to get any landscaping work done. 

To start the year we had a very mild January and February - it was easy to get work started and we had the busiest start to a year we had ever had.  We saw more garden makeovers in the first 2 or 3 months of the year than we had it some previous spring months - it was an exciting start! 

A mild spring turned into an even milder summer. The heatwaves seemed to stay away apart from a couple of really warm weekends which meant that there was no let up in the work being carried out through summer - a perfect start to the year.

But that's where the wild weather started. September was unremarkable and people continued to work as normal, but as soon as October rolled round: the heavens opened and didn't seem to stop. It seemed as though we had 100 days of rain from the middle of October and it didn't seem to let up all the way through until the Christmas break. We ticked on by, but understandably people's priorities were indoors and the number of garden makeovers slowed down. 

We'll be keeping a keen eye on the weather - fingers crossed the rain stays away in the new year. We could all do with it! 

Environmental Impact & Sustainability

This year the conversation surrounding the environment changed. From a consumer standpoint people are becoming much more aware of the impact of their decisions and are beginning to demand better from their professionals. People are still motivated by the same things as they were before: quality, luxury, style & cost, but the environmental impact of the choice of their materials and the installation practices are slowly becoming a key driving force behind their decisions. 

While we are not at the point where environmental decisions are the primary factor affecting decisions, we are very quickly moving to a point where these factors are becoming more and more of a priority.

 We've got to being to be more aware of our impact on the planet - even if you are a professional landscaper and it's not a primary concern for you, you are likely to be meeting with clients for whom it is a huge concern. Especially as younger generations get older, environmental factors are going to grow and grow in priority.

To be environmentally conscious, the main thing you can do to understand your impact is to know where your materials have come from. The distance your materials have travelled have the largest effect on your environmental impact and is one of the easiest things you can control. Sourcing your materials locally is something you can do to reduce your environmental almost immediately.

Outdoor Porcelain

The final thing of note was a new addition to a lot of landscapers repertoires: outdoor porcelain. This new product really exploded in popularity in 2019 and it's going to be exciting to see how it's popularity is affected in 2020. Will it continue to be the go to product for many? Or will natural stone come back into the fore and regain its place as the most popular product for outdoor landscaping? - who knows!

We've seen dozens or projects completed this year in this newly popular material and the finishes are always pristine.

Here are a few examples:

1 Wheatsheaf Way_0006


11 Kemp Rd2


Argento Porcelain


22 Milton Way12

A perfect finish every time! It's easy to see why porcelain is so popular and Primethorpe are going to make sure we keep plenty of stock, so if you are thinking of giving porcelain a try, we are here for you!

In conclusion

We've enjoyed another fantastic year. We've seen new faces and enjoyed continuing working with a old faces.

Thanks for a fantastic year and we look forward to working with everyone, new and old in the new year!