It's always been relatively popular for as long as we can remember, but in recent years grey paving has become by far and away the most popular option. Whether that's in sandstone, limestone or porcelain, any slab in grey has likely become the top-selling in its category. So we thought we'd chat about why we think this might be, and whether we think it will continue.

As a supplier, we feel this is because the grey garden slabs offer a natural and attractive backdrop to any patio design, they will match with anything. A grey patio is also proven to suit almost any surroundings, whether you choose grey porcelain, grey sandstone paving or granite, the grey slabs will transform your garden into the outdoor space you have always dreamed of.

Why Choose Grey Garden Tiles?

Grey garden slabs are perfect for creating a neutral yet beautiful backdrop to any garden or patio. However, you aren’t just faced with one shade of grey patio tiles. We have a wide range of dark and light grey patio slabs for you to choose from. Some homeowners choose to mix and match the dark and light grey paving stones to create a stunning and eye-catching finish to their outdoor area.

We also offer large and small grey pavers, as well as our mixed size grey patio slabs. This gives you the freedom to create any design with your grey paving stones to create the unique grey patio you desire.

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Grey Indian Sandstone Paving

We have grey Indian stone pavers available with a natural riven surface. This is perfect is you are looking to create a natural and rustic feel to your grey patio. We also have our grey sandstone paving available in a smooth, sawn and honed option. This smoother surface of the grey garden slabs makes it ideal for that sleek finish to a modern patio area. Our grey Indian sandstone tiles will offer the light and bright tones that are needed to bring an added lease of life to any garden.

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Why Choose Grey Sandstone Paving

Grey Indian stone paving is an entirely natural product. Indian sandstone has been formed over thousands of years from mineral deposits. These mineral deposits are bound together by pressure over extremely long periods of time. The result of this pressure is differing mineral content.

Here at Primethorpe Paving, we feel that the real charm of grey sandstone paving is that each grey slab is unique. It provides your outdoor space with natural character. It is this appeal of grey Indian sandstone paving that makes it such a popular choice for grey patios across the UK.

Our Most Popular Grey Stone Paving: Kandla Grey Sandstone Paving

As one of the most consistent Indian stone colours, Kandla grey sandstone paving is a very popular choice for homeowners looking to create a stylish, elegant and naturally beautiful looking grey patio. The Kandla grey Indian sandstone paving displays a beautiful and natural range of light grey tones. These really bring a grey patio to life.

Our Kandla grey Indian stone paving is ethically sourced. It is a stone that promises an outdoor area filled with character and sophistication. You can choose our Kandla grey sandstone paving in a naturally riven or sawn and honed texture. These light grey patio slabs also come in a range of sizes too.

We feel that our Kandla grey Indian sandstone is one of the most popular choices in grey pavers because it is such a versatile grey garden tile. The neutral grey tones of these grey patio slabs will blend seamlessly into any modern or traditional outdoor area.

Grey Porcelain Paving

If you are looking for a low maintenance grey paver, we would recommend our grey porcelain paving slabs. These grey garden tiles are extremely durable and hardwearing. These grey patio slabs have a non-porous surface to avoid excess moisture building up and they offer a R11 rating for slip resistance too. If there are any spillages on your porcelain grey patio tiles you just need to wipe them away, which can be done with a damp cloth easily.

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Grey Monochrome Outdoor Tiles

By monochrome we mean the varying shades of a single colour at different intensities. These monochrome patios will often be made up of black white and grey patio tiles. It’s an increasingly popular option for lots of homeowners and a style that never really goes out of fashion. Monochrome is a stylish choice throughout the year. It looks as good in the summer sun as it does during the gloomy winter months.

Porcelain tiles are going to be the easiest way to achieve this look.

Patio Finishing’s

Dark grey, honey coloured, earthy brown and light grey patio slabs work really well against most materials used in British architecture. This is especially the case for grey paving stones and older, natural stone buildings. We would always recommend staying subtle when it comes to patio finishing’s.

If you have large dark grey patio furniture, we recommend light grey patio slabs. The light grey patio tiles work as a fantastic contrast against the darker furniture. The lush greens of structural grasses also contract against these two shades of greys to create a fantastic and eye-catching finish to your grey patio.

Patio Edgings

Are you looking to create a more modern or formal design to your grey patio? In which case, we would recommend dark grey patio tiles to create sharp lines around your grey patio. This adds a beautiful boundary to your patio and offers a sleek and smart statement finish too.

Against a grey slab, any number of cobble styles and colours can be used as edging to add a more rustic feel to your grey patio area. This really complements natural finishes and earthy tones in your garden. It is a great way to add texture to your outdoor space. Light grey  edging especially work well with country-garden style planting in adjoining borders.

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Grey Paving Slabs Overview

If you are looking to lighten and brighten your garden, patio or outdoor area, we recommend that you check out our range of grey paving slabs. We have a wide range of colours, sizes and finishes available, all at prices to suit your budget.

Want to know more? Browse our range of grey garden tiles online or give us a call.