Outdoor buildings are so popular these days and fit for so many purposes. Whether that's simply for storage, or whether it is an extra room for the house that you are planning on hooking up to your electricity and water, there are so many options to chose from - so where do you start? We thought we'd help you along in the right direction by providing some of our favourite options for a number of different purposes.

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Best Simple Storage Shed - BillyOh Keeper Overlap Apex Shed

This first one is a simple one. You don't need many bells and whistles on your simple shed. You want something effective, spacious and as stylish as possible. After all, you may be after a cost-effective and simple option, but it's going to visible and you want to be able to be proud of it still! That's why we've chosen the BillyOh Keeper Overlap Apex Shed:

BillyOh Keeper Overlap Apex Shed

The BillyOh Keeper shed is the easiest recommendation and is going to suit anyone who is after a simple, affordable solution. There are so many options for sizes and finishes. Do you windows? Single or double door? Do you want the wood pre-treated or not? What about colour? You don't just have to select your shed which will arrive as a timber colour, you can select from so many colour options to suit the look and feel of your garden.

This shed is fantastic - there are seemingly unlimited options and you can add as much or as little as possible to suit your needs. Check it out!

Pro's - Near infinite customisation, Spacious, quick delivery, decorative.

Con's - Simplistic design, natural material will degrade quicker than metal.



Best Metal Storage Shed - The Portland Apex Metal Shed

If you don't like the idea of a wooden shed because of the lifespan (which is still long!), you may want to consider a metal option. These solve the same sort of issues that their wooden counterparts will, but they will last for such a long time.

Our favourite metal shad was one that stood out as a metal option that didn't look too metallic or tacky. It is simplistic, tall and spacious and wouldn't look out of place even in a traditional garden: The Portland Apex Metal Shed again from BillyOh!

BillyOh Portland Apex Metal Shed

This shed option comes with a foundation kit to make installing it a doddle. There are lots of size options to suit every size garden, and to top it off, delivery times are incredibly quick from BillyOh on this product. It is made from galvanised steel, so it will last for a serious amount of time, it is extra tall for increased storage and can be assembled by 2 people in 3-4 hours. A great option that won't need ongoing maintenance.

Pro's - No ongoing maintenance, Spacious, Tall, Sliding door for easy access.

Con's - No flexibility in terms of options, it arrives as it arrives so won't be unique.



Best Growing Greenhouse - The Premium Rhino Range

The most popular option for keen gardeners, after a shed, is of course a greenhouse. For a growing greenhouse, you are looking for something reliable, a strong frame, great circulation for growing, and strong glass panels. You need to keep the contents growing at their best and if any elements of the greenhouse fail, you risk all your plants and crops inside. You need something you can truly rely on, so we would recommend spending a little extra on something of a premium quality to guarantee results. That's why we have chose Rhino's Premium Range greenhouses.

Rhino Greenhouse

These are our favourite greenhouses, no questions asked! They come with a 25 year guarantee and create the perfect environment for growing. They are slightly more expensive than some options, but the quality shines through and we would fully recommend considering these greenhouses. They are customisable with plenty of options, so you can add as much or as little as possible.

Pro's - Top of the range, great ventilation, strong frame, 25 year guarantee.

Con's - High price point.


Best Log Cabin - Winchester Log Cabin

'Log cabins' are another way of saying an outdoor room that's durable and spacious enough spend plenty of time in. Not necessarily meaning they are made of logs like you see on TV! A good log cabin is spacious and decorative and it feels luxurious and comfortable. After all, this isn't just a space for storage, it's a feature space for your garden and it needs to be somewhere you want to spend time. It must really jump and make you shout "I want to spend time in there". If you can afford a luxury option, you may just as well just order a simple shed for storage and stay inside! That's why our choice is the Winchester Log Cabin.

Winchester Log Cabin

This is another highly customizable choice and as such you can get exactly what you want. There are dozens of variations including treated wood, extra storage space or a specific colour to choose from which means that the finished product is going to be exactly what you want. While this is a pricey option, as we previously said this is a real statement piece. It should be one of the items in your household that you don't hold back on. Get exactly what you want and spend time enjoy your perfect product.

The Winchester stood out as our favourite for a couple of reasons: the first was the huge amount of options which ensure you get something perfect, but the second is it simply jumped out as the best option thanks to the large windows and overhang which just makes this option stand out when compared to others!

Pro's - stylish and luxurious with tons of custom options.

Con's - High price point, made of timber so will need maintenance (although can be treated)



Best Summerhouse/Garden Office Building - Skinner Log Cabin Summerhouse

A summerhouse or garden office is a similar, but unique, building when compared to a 'log cabin'. The idea is that they are a spacious area to spend time in, but they do not need to have huge amount of space and luxury feel that a log cabin will have. They are for spending less time in, in general and only need to be small and functional as a result. So the eye-catching and luxurious feel aren't as important. What's important to us when eyeing up a summerhouse or garden office us light. If you are working in there, or opening it up for a little summer afternoon tea party, then it needs to be as light as possible and beyond that, you are looking to get something you are happy with without spending too much of your cash for unnecessary extras! We've selected for Skinner Log Cabin Summerhouse as our favourite!

Skinner Summer House

We chose this option because pretty much the entire front face is windowed providing a substantial amount of light to the space. It's spacious enough inside to get comfortable and you are not having to pay for any superfluous bells and whistles. You are getting everything you need without having to break the bank.

Pro's - lots of natural light, simple and effective, cost effective.

Con's - ongoing maintenance, simple appearance


In Conclusion - Outdoor Buildings Are A Fantastic Addition

Outdoor buildings can make the difference between a simple garden that gets an average amount of use, to something you are dying to spend time in all year round. Whether you need something that's just for storage, or you want an addition for work or for pleasure - a simple garden room can make all the difference.